Who are the Child Alert partners?

Anyone is welcome to become a Child Alert partner. Companies and organizations which have their own communication channels may offer these media to distribute Child Alert messages. Newspapers, radio and TV stations, not to mention the highway authorities constitue of course some very important partners. But anyone or any organization operating via the Internet can also sign up to become a partner. With a number of partners - who are called upon for posting purposes - Child Focus has signed an agreement.

All other companies and organizations can become a partner by subscribing. By doing so, they undertake to activate their own communication channels whenever a Child Alert is launched.

Private citizens who register for the Child Alert service will receive Child Alert messages by text message and/or by e-mail. Citizens and organizations alike are free to unsubscribe from this service at any time.

Financial partners

(The European Commission - DG Justice, Microsoft, Belgacom).

2010 Child Alert partners:

•The College of Public Prosecutors
•The Federal Police: Missing Persons Unit
•The Federal Police: Wanted Notices Unit
•The Federal Prosecutor’s Office.
•FPS Justice: Criminal Policy Department.
•The Free University of Brussels, Criminology Department.
•Missing Children Europe